About me

DSC_1152_web2My name is Vitaly and I’m a happily married guy. I have two cats; a chubby black one and a big orange one. I’m Russian (not Italian as many people guess). Born in Estonia, my family and I packed up and immigrated to this beautiful land of hamburgers, pizza and ball park franks in the late 80’s.

I’m adventurous and like to travel.  I’m generally aware of my surroundings and usually don’t run into things (a skill that is constantly tested when I mountain bike or snowboard).  I like all things technology.

Presently my wife and I reside in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.  A quiet little city south of Los Angeles with a beautiful backdrop of the Santa Ana Mountains.

To be honest, photography isn’t something that I thought I would ever be interested in.  Had it not been for my wife surprising me with an entry-level camera for Christmas many years back, I may have missed out on such an incredible world.  But now I love it.  You know when you spend countless hours learning, experimenting, practicing, and working on something so hard and it doesn’t feel like work?  That’s what it’s like to me.

How important is photography to you?

To me wedding photography is about so much more than taking pictures.  It’s about purposefully capturing the lifelong memories that will linger long after the hugs, kisses and cheers.  It’s about creating a beautiful window through which the most precious of moments in your history can be observed.  It’s about that gentle smile that sneaks up on you when you look at an old wedding photo.  I love to capture those priceless moments in life which have the ability to transport you back in time to the second they happened.

With that said, please have a stroll around my little virtual world of images and take a look at a recent wedding that was featured on Wedding Wire. I love to chat, so feel free to ask me anything via my contact page.

Thanks for stopping by. Live long and prosper.

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